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Apostle Gerry & Pastor Hazel Mickle

A blessing and a powerhouse

Apostle Gerry & Pastor Hazel Mickle were called to ministry by God. It is evident that they were sent to lead lost souls back to the savior. Many lives have been reached through the teaching of the MOG, and many more around the world are eager for more. Through Grace Nation, Apostle Gerry Mickle was able to create the Grace World Foundation, Grace Nation Partners, Grace Nation Music and so much more to help extend the reach of the gospel. After decreeing the year of 2023 to be the year of Signs and Wonders, there is much work underway under the leadership of this general of God. 

God Still Heals

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Our Service Times

Sunday Service

Sunday service is live and in house starting at 11:30AM

We are currently located at: 

360 Merrimack st, Lawrene, MA 01843

Bldg 9, Entry K, 3rd FL

Grace Night

Tuesday service, also known as Grace Night, is online only! We are live on all usual platforms as well as zoom for those who are out of state*.

Service starts at 8PM.

Level Up Wednesday

Level Up Wednesday is always a revelatory service led by Apostle Gerry Mickle himself! You will certainly experience a “Revelation for your Elevation“.

Level Up Wednesday is both live and in person starting at 8PM.

See the Sunday service card for the address ⏎📍

*This service topic is subject to change*

Friday Night Prayer

Friday night prayer is typically scheduled to start at 8PM every Friday. However, we may. be traveling or hosting an event on one of these nights so it is best to stay connected to our social media accounts for updates and announcements.


Stay Connected with

The New GN APP

As we prepare to crossover into 2024, we have officially released a new app! Here you can stay connected with everything that pertains to Grace Nation, whether it be sermons (both video & audio only), watch live streams, listen to GN Music, and even GIVE!

This app has everything you need to stay involved and informed so be sure to download it today!

*Disclaimer: We ask that you refrain from using the giving features until 2024 as we would like to enter the new year with a fresh start. We just wanted you to enjoy the access a little early!

You can now easily setup a new text to give account straight from the app! It is a simple process and you will be guided on every step. 

Also, there are multiple ways to give as you will see when navigating through the app. One of the easiest things to do is click the 🖤 icon on the bottom right! 

It is now very easy to watch on live via the app! Services will be scheduled to be shown on specific dates and times so be sure to check by clicking the tab marked “Live Stream.”

Be the first to learn about a new event hosted by Grace Nation! You will see a link to the registration page on the app home screen. 

Welcome to Grace Nation!  We are a vibrant, multicultural and multi generational church. We pray that you will be encouraged viewing the website.  We are confident that you will be blessed by viewing each section. We also invite you to connect with us all via social media! Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. 


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