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Apostle Gerry and Pastor Hazel Mickle stand on stage with a family, preaching with a microphone


Apostle Gerry Mickle

(No. 01)

Father To Many

Apostle Gerry Mickle, a father of six, extends his fatherly care to those under his leadership, serving as a spiritual guide and mentor to many within his ministry.

(No. 02)

Man of God

Apostle Gerry Mickle is a powerful man of God known for his mighty gift of healing and unique revelation of the Word. His ministry empowers believers  to understand Jesus on a deeper level, drawing them closer to God through his dynamic preaching and teaching.

(No. 03)


Apostle Gerry Mickle is not only a spiritual leader but also a successful entrepreneur. He has ventures in real estate, energy drinks, production, and is also an author, showcasing his diverse talents and interests beyond his ministry.

(No. 04)


Apostle Gerry Mickle is not only a visionary leader but also has the unique ability to extend his vision, enabling others to align themselves with the teachings of God.

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