Sowing For The MillionDollar Flow


Master the Art of Turning Your Need into Seed and Cultivating Endless Wealth through Strategic Giving

Do you want to be a giver but worry about how you will pay your bills? Have you been giving and giving but not seeing the harvest God promised? Are you tired of lack and being broke, busted, and disgusted?

In his book, Sowing For The Million Dollar Flow, Gerry Mickle, renowned spiritual leader, Apostle, and visionary entrepreneur, gives you a blueprint for cultivating abundance through faith, diligence, and strategic decision-making. As head of a global ministry and a successful business empire, Mickle empowers you to unleash your giving potential and experience the profound connection between faith and wealth.

In this book you will:

  • Discover why you haven’t seen the results you desire from your giving
  • Learn how to sow for increase, even with limited resources
  • Unlock the secret to giving that guarantees a harvest, no matter how small the seed
  • Overcome every obstacle that stands between you and your harvest
  • Walk into a fear-free future of wealth and abundance and start living your best life

Sowing for the Million Dollar Flow is more than just a book: it’s a guide to a new way of life—a life where you can turn even your tiniest seed into a lifetime of increase. Stop struggling and prepare to be inspired and equipped for a life of unparalleled abundance. Get your copy of Sowing for the Million Dollar Flow today!

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